Initial commit — again

I used to have a coding blog.

I was working at a startup, and my boss suggested me to create a tech blog for the company. Most posts were about interesting stuff I came across while banging my head on the keyboard coding on the company’s projects.

Heck, one post even became an accepted answer on Stack Overflow, with 60+ upvotes. It isn’t much, but to my 20-ish-year-old self, I was happy that people were reading what I wrote and it could help others.

After I left the startup to resume my undergraduate studies, no one else continued to maintain that blog anymore. Sadly, all there is left now is a Error 522: Connection timed out page.

I used to have another coding blog.

That blog was created during my final years in college. I planned to keep up in the same spirit as the previous blog, which is to write about things I thought were cool: programming, electronics, know-how, etc.

But admittedly after mere 3 posts, I got a job and have completely forgotten about the blog since.

Fast forwarding to now, June 2020. The world is in strange and unprecedented times.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been working from home for around 3 months. On the good side, I start hacking and exploring again, doing random stuff outside of work to stay sane while stuck indoors.

Most importantly, I feel like writing again. It’s hard to track the myriad of things I want to do without putting down some form of notes. And since I’m writing, why not publishing it for everyone to see too?

I could have continued posting to the same blog, but it was using Jekyll, and setting up was a bitch on Windows. So I ditched that (its 3 posts were not that interesting anyway) and created a new one with Hugo.

And here we are, another coding blog. Hopefully, third time’s a charm.